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"Du haut de ses 22 ans, Paul Régimbeau alias Mondkopf imprime sobrement une empreinte élégante, personnelle et indélébile sur la musique électronique. Techno nonchalante pour Fluokids converti en niveau de gris, productions amples et sonorités ouvragées, la musique de Mondkopf se nourrit de hip-hop, de musique classique, de musique contemporaine, d’electronica et de club culture. Voyageur galactique au pied lourd et au phrasé aérien, Mondkopf invite l’âpreté des musiques savantes dans une improbable rave en slow-motion qu’il irradiée d’une tristesse lumineuse. Addiction béate garantie !"
Standard Magazine

(photo : Yann Stofer / Artwork : Quentin Brachet)

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Back in the days of his Toulouse youth, Mondkopf was just trying to make hip-hop beats with his Ejay dance software. Today, the 23 years-old Parisian’s trademark of crunchy beats, deep orchestrations and obsessive synthetisers, challenging his heroes (Aphex Twin, Apparat, Chris Clark, Modeselektor), is getting a lot of attention. His Johnny Cash rearrangement is an underground hit and remixes for the likes of Grand National or The Teenagers have been given love all over the internet. Influenced by the masters of melody (Brian Eno, Vangelis, P.Glass, Carpenter) and innovative hip-hop (Jay-Dee, El-P, Timbaland), Mondkopf came to check out dance music only a few years ago, allowing for his music to reach another level of freshness and excitment, which one can feel in his intense, almost religious live shows.

"Mondkopf reates the biggest kicks since Modeselektor"
(9/10 - Trax)

"Somewhere between Vitalic’s futurism and Kevin Shields’ urban landscapes"
(Must-have - Chronicart)

"Mondkopf gives electronic music his very own, classy and unforgettable trademark"
(Standard magazine)

"Definitely one to follow"
Pedro Winter

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MONDKOPF "Galaxy Of Nowhere" (out now)
MONDKOPF "Libera Me" (out december 14th)
MONDKOPF "La Dame En Bleu" - video directed by Quentin Brachet
MONDKOPF "Galaxy Of Nowhere" - Tee w/ Bérengère Claire (designed by Quentin Brachet)

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Label : Asphalt Duchess
Ditribution : Discograph/Idol
Publishing :
Booking : SUPER! -